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Authentic Rome

pubblicato da Touring

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The new Authentic series has been designed expressly for independent travelers looking to enhance their journey with expert advice and insight on history, culture, food, wine, shopping, local markets and festivals. Authentic Rome has everything you need to discover the delights of the Eternal City at your own pace. Not only its most famous monuments, but also fascinating aspects of the city which are less-well-known, boat-trips on the River Tiber, and suggestions for interesting day-trips. New easy-to-use design and color code index allows for quick reference to 'Food', 'Heritage', 'Shopping', 'Events' and 'Practical Information' in each location, plus a special section devoted to customized Day trips and Itineraries. 'Money saving tips' and membership details on how to join The Touring Club of Italy and get great member discounts, preferred rates, and 'extra value benefits' while traveling in Italy. Special sections on Rome's many delightful 'Fountains', the 'River Tiber' and the 'Underground City' enable you to see the city from three unusual perspectives. Full 'color maps' and 'layout diagrams' of notable churches and monuments with local numbers, addresses, and website listings.


Generi Guide turistiche e Viaggi » Guide turistiche » Italia

Editore Touring

Collana Authentic Italy

Formato Brossura

Pubblicato  01/01/2007

Pagine  224

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9788836541300

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Authentic Rome

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