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Jewellery of the House of Savoy
Jewellery of the House of Savoy

Jewellery of the House of Savoy

by Stefano Papi - Maria Gabriella di Savoia
pubblicato da Mondadori Electa


Margherita, Elena, Marie José: three queens and the precious jewels that accompanied the sovereigns of Italy on the important occasions of their existence and of Italian history. The history written by Maria Gabriella of Savoy, the third-born child of Italy's last sovereigns, and Stefano Papi, a jewellery historian with an international reputation, depicts the setting of an adventure in collecting that covers over a century of Italian history. The text, accompanied by historic images (many of them never before published) and splendid photographs of the jewels and the original designs for them, guides the reader in the discovery of public events and private moments in the lives of the queens of Italy. The first chapter is devoted to Margherita of Savoy, known as the "Queen of Pearls," who enriched the Crown jewels with many new and important pieces. Of the three sovereigns she alone had a true passion for precious stones, so laden with jewels that.she was compared to a votive statue. Elena of Montenegro, the subject of the second chapter, never had any jewels created for herself, though she did for her daughters, to each of whom she Bave a string of Margherita's legendary pearls. This brings us to the last queen, Marie José, and the wonderful and important jewels that were fashioned specially for her as a wedding gift by Umberto II. The Princess of Piedmont wore them only at official ceremonies. This volume, the enlarged English edition of the volume of 2002, also seeks to pay homage to the great creativity of three Italian jewellers, the Musy father and sons of Turin, Chiappe of Genoa, and Petochi of Rome, who created the magnificent jewels of the Royals of Italy to match their various official duties.


Generi Hobby e Tempo libero » Hobby e Collezionismo » Gioielli , Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Collezionismo e Antiquariato » Gioielli, argenteria e oreficeria » Forme d'arte e tecniche artistiche » Arti decorative » Scultura

Editore Mondadori Electa

Formato Rilegato

Pubblicato  01/01/2007

Pagine  201

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9788837052409

Traduttore R. Sadleir

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