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Black & woman projects. Ediz. illustrata - Claudio Dell
Black & woman projects. Ediz. illustrata - Claudio Dell

Black & woman projects. Ediz. illustrata

Claudio Dell'Osa
pubblicato da StreetLib

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In the photographic project, one immerses into a world of mystery and suggestion through a series of black and white images. The photographs capture male figures, both young and old, in emblematic poses with few details, primarily focusing on their silhouettes. Each image is minimalist and essential, leaving space for the power of the viewer's imagination. The subjects wear distinctive white hats and light-colored clothing that strongly contrasts with the deep black background. The absence of faces in the photographs creates a sense of anonymity, allowing the observer to project their own emotions and reflections onto the portrayed characters. The focus on the outline of the hair and clothing adds a touch of mystery and intimacy, revealing only fragments of the subjects' identities. In the various snapshots, glimpses of human passions and vulnerabilities are evident. Some subjects, smoking a cigarette, evoke images of deep thoughts and moments of contemplation. Others are holding a glass of wine, suggesting an atmosphere of conviviality and reflection. The context in which the figures are placed is essential, as a black background completely envelops the central subject, immersing them in a suspended and intimate atmosphere. "Black Project" invites one to look beyond appearances, to reflect on the universal emotions that unite individuals. The photographs leave room for multiple interpretations, and each viewer can find themselves within those contours etched in the shadows.

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Generi Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Fotografia » Fotografi

Editore Streetlib

Formato Brossura

Pubblicato 08/12/2023

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9791222482477

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Black & woman projects. Ediz. illustrata

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