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Switzerland is often dismissed as a quaint anachronism, fated sooner or later to join top-down, large, supra-national organizations like the European Union. But Switzerland has been, throughout her history, a laboratory for self-government and individual liberty. Her unique status in Europe and in the world can offer valuable insights into how we can nurture freedom, encourage prosperity and preserve a proper set of checks and balances in political institutions.This book deals with these and many other issues. Its authors delve into subjects such as the nature of capitalism, the relevance of small states to preserve human liberty, the future of the welfare state, the consequences of financial regulation, among others.These essays were written in honour of Dr Tito Tettamanti on the occasion of his 85th birthday. A successful entrepreneur, Dr Tettamanti is also a man of letters, who has never grown tired of exploring the workings of a free society and the different dimensions of freedom.Economists, historians, businessmen, philosophers, and public intellectuals have contributed to this Festschrift to honour the man and his ideas. The result is an engaging journey through the history and the future of the free society. Individual freedom has profound roots in Switzerland and in Europe: in our political thought as well as in our political institutions. Its future, however, seems uncertain and faltering. This book provides food for thought for all those who care about it.Contributors:Leszek Balcerowicz, Luigi Marco Bassani, Jörg Baumberger, Giorgio Behr, Georges Bindschedler, Hardy Bouillon, Iso Camartin, Daniel De Roulet, Mathias Döpfner, Kevin Dowd, Sergio Ermotti, Cla Famos, Christoph Frei, Gerd Habermann, Karen Horn, Konrad Hummler, Franz Jaeger, Ursula Pia Jauch, Roger Köppel, Georg Kohler, Alexis Lautenberg, Carlo Lottieri, Marina Masoni, Graham Mather, Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, Alberto Mingardi, Robert Nef, Paolo Pamini, Martin Rhonheimer, Peter Ruch, Pascal Salin, Ralph Schmitz-Dräger, Urs Schoettli, Gerhard Schwarz, Rainer J. Schweizer, Markus Somm, Vito Tanzi, Rudolf Walser.


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Europe, Switzerland and the Future of Freedom: Essays in Honour of Tito Tettamanti

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