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Gershwin: porgy & bess
Gershwin: porgy & bess

Gershwin: porgy & bess

by Sir Simon Rattle
pubblicato da Warner Music Ent.

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Lista dei brani

2 Summertime
3 Oh, nobody knows when the lawd is goin' to call
4 Give him to me lissen to yo' daddy warn you a woman is a sometime thing
5 Here's the ol' crap shark! no, no, brudder
6 Here comes big boy!
7 Six to make!
8 Jesus, he's killed him! thatyou, sportin' life?
9 Where is brudder robbins? comeon, sister!
10 Overflow, overflow
11 A saucer-burying set-up, I see
12 My man's gone now
13 How de saucer stan' now, my sister?
14 Oh, the train is at the station
1 Oh, i'm agoin' out to the blackfish banks...
2 Mus' be you mens forgot about de picnic...Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin'...
3 Lissen there, what I tells you...I hates yo' struttin' style...
4 Mornin', lawyer, lookin' for somebody?...
5 Boy! come here, boy!...
6 Buzzard keep on flyin' over...
7 'lo bess, goin' to picnic?...
8 Honey, we sure goin' strut our stuff today!...Bess, you is my woman now...
9 Oh, I can't sit down...
10 I ain't got no shame...
11 It ain't necessarily so...Shame on all you sinners...
12 Crown!...
13 Oh, what you want wid bess?...
14 Honey, dat's all de breakfast I got time for...
15 Take yo' han's off me...
16 Oh, doctor jesus...
17 Oh dey's so fresh an' fine...
18 Porgy, porgy, dat you there, ain't it?...
19 I wants to stay here...
20 Why you been out on that wharf so long, clara?...
1 Oh, doctor jesus
2 One of dese mornings you goin' to rise up singin'
3 Oh, dere's somebody knockin' at de do'
4 You is a nice parcel of christians!
5 A red-headed woman make a choo-choo jump its track
6 All right, i'm goin' out to get clara oh, doctor jesus
7 Clara, clara, don't you be downhearted you low-life skunk, ain' you got no shame
8 Summertime
9 Wait for us at the corner
10 Come out here, both of you
11 Oh, lawd, what I goin' do? oh, gawd! they goin' make hime look on crown's face!
12 Listen: there's a boat dat's leavin' soon for new york
13 Introduction
14 Good mornin', sistuh! it's porgy comin' home
15 Dem white folks sure ain' put nuttin' over on this baby
16 Here mingo, what's de matter wid you all?
17 Where's bess?
18 Bess is gone


Generi Varia

Etichetta Warner Music Ent.

Formato Audio CD

Pubblicato 05/09/2005

Lingua Italiano

EAN-13 0724347683626

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Gershwin: porgy & bess

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