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Gideon (oratorio in 3 parti)
Gideon (oratorio in 3 parti)

Gideon (oratorio in 3 parti)

by Georg Friedrich Handel
pubblicato da Ducale Music

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Consegna gratuita con spesa totale superiore a 24€
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Lista dei brani

1 Ouverture
2 Menuet
3 Forth from the swarming east
4 Comfort us, o lord
5 A man, a prophet
6 No wonder, that ye fly
7 Trembling with horror
8 Lord, we seek thy blessing
9 Westward from reverend jordan's silver stream
10 By doubt and shame
11 Rise with furious emulation
12 As thus he sung
13 Thou light of israel
14 Let the command suffice
15 He said, and gently stretching out
16 Immortal god, whose hand
17 A midian prince
18 Mighty belus, midian's glory
19 This done, he with a chosen party went
20 'Tis time, my sons
21 Forth from the town
22 Sweet is conquest disapproving
23 Like a bright cherub
24 Then bowing mild
25 Mary kind angels still attend thee
26 And thus the choral band
27 Hail, enlivener of our cause
28 Triumphant to the town
29 How sweet the rose
30 Great jehovah
31 Th'assembly rose
32 Israel's guardian, sole creator
33 Silent he march'd
34 Hark, how the winds around
35 Destroy these idols
36 Gideon, preparing now
37 Not these imperfect rites
38 O glorious mortal
1 At morn rose baal's priest
2 No more thus loud
3 From the mountain's brow
4 Here had contention drawn
5 Sons of israel, let not frenzy
6 The priest still bears
7 Return! tumultuos ruin shun!
8 While yet he spake
9 Furious revenge
10 All glory be to thee, o lord
11 Sudden the priest of baal
12 Glorious patron! glorious hero!
13 Much i applaud, brave youth
14 Let jehovah by miracle confirm
15 Now, while the multitude
16 Thou sacred, high, unutterable name!
17 His pray'r was heard
18 Once more, my god
19 He spoke, and it was so
20 Happy nation
21 Now each rous'd soldier
22 Let the trumpet's sound inviting
23 Let gideon, our undaunted hero
24 Tho' now fall'n dismay'd
25 Thanks to my countrymen
26 From your idol gods returning
27 Alarm's by frequent
28 In notes of joy we hail the happy day
29 Ye sons of israel
30 Sing and rejoyce!
31 To meet the hero
32 Ye see, that god
33 Sweet peace, from heav'n descending
34 Our hearts their confidence
35 Wondrous are thy works, o lord!


Generi Classical

Etichetta Ducale Music

Formato Audio CD

Pubblicato 23/06/2004

Lingua Italiano

EAN-13 0747313231225

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