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The analysis of masonry buildings cracks is quite a difficult task and so, because of this, almost always, scientific knowledge of experts called to perform such analysis is not enough, as together with that, it is really needed a vast experience gained by actually practicing on the work sites as well as observing and experiencing the various phenomena during a lifelong professional activity and, to this purpose, we remark that part of photographic records present on the various chapters comes from the authors' personal archives, fruit of long and intense work experience. In practice, often, it is needed to formulate, in a very short time, a diagnosis in regard of a dislocated building and/or in the ongoing structural dislocation phase, then it is needed to find out the causes in order to choose the proper urgent measures or definitive remedies, and responsibility is always a meaningful feature during the whole process, especially when the situation is serious and the time is short, as every hesitation could reveal itself fatal: only an excellent training and knowledge gained over time will allow to do so.

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Instability and Crack Patterns on Masonry Buildings

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