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You've just created a book (or an e-book) and now you want to make it known to the whole world?
Do you want to promote your own work, becoming bestselling author?
Do you want to publish your book without surrendering your rights to a publisher ?

Here is the guide you need to become a bestselling author!
Written by the author of the book "WordPress from A to W" and founder of "Il Bloggatore" (one of the most important websites in Italy on information technology)!

You have worked so hard to create your book and now you want to distribute as many copies as possible???
In short, do you want to be a SELF PUBLISHER ???

Well, if you are hungry for knowledge, then you're in the right place!

This is NOT the usual guide full of useless words! Here you'll find only CONTENT!
In this book you'll find the direct experience of an author who has chosen the way of self-publishing, making known his book to as many readers as possible!

In this book you'll discover:
- What is self publishing and what are the advantages for the self-produced author;
- What you need to distribute your book or ebook;
- What are the best services for self-publishing;
- What are the best online markets;
- And finally, what are the 102 websites for selling and promoting your work (useful both for your paper book and for your electronic book)!

Written in a clear and organized, this edition is designed to meet the needs of all the authors who really want to get success!

Special Price!
Limited Time!

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy!

More information are available on the author's website:

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Self Publishing - Create, Promote and Sell your book on 102 websites !!!

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