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Can you get rich with just one dollar? What if he was a homeless person? Moreover, with the conviction of not wanting to keep money in hand for fear of being corrupted by what defines the poison of society.
Nothing will be as you expect in this dramatic story, moving, raw and meaningful, where gray can be better between black and white.
Giu Currò is a young boy of kung fu master and martial arts expert. With a passion for writing stories, he dedicated himself to his first book, WAY OF KUNG FU, for five years. A year after the beginning of the book Viviana Sallemi joins him. Brilliant and beautiful girl, she studies at the IED University of Milan fashion designer. His passion, as well as writing stories, is drawing and dancing. Anna Pia Lucci often collaborates with them, in art Hãnnårth, a young Neapolitan artist, who makes available her wonderful covers.
And now here they are to their second opera, FORTUNE DOLLAR, which define it as their swan song. All the stories they write will be somehow connected to each other.


Generi Cinema e Spettacolo » Teatro » Testi e critica letteraria , Romanzi e Letterature » Testi teatrali

Editore Giu Currò

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/12/2017

Lingua Italiano

EAN-13 9788827534861

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The lucky dollar

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