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Lista dei brani

1 Introduction: as god the lord of israel liveth (elijah)
2 Overture
3 Help, lord! wilt thou quite destroy us? (chorus)
4 Lord! bow thine ear to our prayer! (chorus/soprano/alto)
5 Ye people, rend your hearts (obadiah)
6 If with all your hearts (obadiah)
7 Yet doth the lord see it not (chorus)
8 Elijah! get thee hence (an angel)
9 For he shall give his angels charge over thee (semi-chorus)
10 Now cherith's brook is dried up (an angel)
11 What have I to do with thee? (the window/elijah)
12 Blessed are the men who fear him (chorus)
13 As god the lord of sabaoth liveth (elijah/ahab/chorus)
14 Baal, we cry to thee; hear and answer us! (chorus)
15 Call him louder, for he is a god! (elijah/chorus)
16 Call him louder! he heareth not! (elijah/chorus)
17 Lord god of abraham, isaac and israel! (elijah)
18 Cast thy burden upon the lord (chorus)
19 O thou, who makest thine angels spirits (elijah/chorus)
20 Is not his word like a fire? (elijah)
21 Woe unto them who forsake him! (contralto)
22 O man of god, help thy people!
23 Thanks be to god! (chorus)
1 Hear ye, israel; hear what the lord speaketh (soprano)
2 Be not afraid, saith god the lord (chorus)
3 The lord hath exalted thee (elijah/the queen/chorus)
4 Woe to him, he shall perish (chorus)
5 Man of god, now let my words be precious (obadiah)
6 It is enough; o lord now take my life (elijah)
7 See, now he sleepeth (tenor)
8 Lift thine eyes to the mountains (chorus)
9 He, watching over israel, slumbers not (chorus)
10 Arise, elijah, for thou has a long journey (the angel/elijah)
11 O rest in the lord (the angel)
12 He that shall endure to the end, shall be saved (chorus)
13 Night falleth round me, o lord! (elijah/the angel)
14 Behold! god the lord passed by! (chorus)
15 Above him stood the seraphim (contralto/chorus)
16 Go, return upon thy way (chorus/elijah)
17 For the mountains shall depart (elijah)
18 Then did elijah the prophet break forth (chorus)
19 Then shall the righteous shine forth (tenor)
20 Behold, god hath sent elijah (soprano)
21 But the lord, from the north hath raised one (chorus)
22 O come everyone that thirsteth (soprano/contralto/tenor/bass)
23 And then shall your light break forth (chorus)


Generi Classical

Etichetta Emi Music Ent.

Formato Audio CD

Pubblicato 17/06/2005

Lingua Italiano

EAN-13 0724358625721

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