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The Role of Skills in the Organizations: a Dialogue

AA.VV. Artisti Vari
pubblicato da Trivioquadrivio Edizioni

Prezzo online:

The following is an extract of the debate fostered by the Art For Business Forum 2010.To be precise it's the dialogue with which the Forum decided to open, the topic being "Which skills do organisations of the future require?".The questions posed by Davide Rampello, Leonardo Previ, Guido Stratta and Alberto Versace's speeches are particularly representative of a historic moment characterized by the reopening of questions regarding a series of values which accumulated on the now crumbled foundations of what has been defined as "total capitalism". We don't think that it is now trivial to ask ourselves questions regarding the relationship between "our cultural reservoirs" and the possibility of new developments which are consistent with them, especially when considering the extremes of excellence and deficiency in which Italy is positioned with respect to these two fields.The main theme is far-sightedness, not only in terms of the relationship between past legacy and commitment to building the future, but also in terms of the attention towards people who work in an organization and their opportunities of thought and action. Art, in this sense, is the way of highlighting the importance of examining the relationships, differences and stories which originate from the organizations themselves.


Generi Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Beni culturali » Aspetti economici delle arti

Editore Trivioquadrivio Edizioni

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/10/2013

Lingua Italiano

EAN-13 9788897338017

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The Role of Skills in the Organizations: a Dialogue

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