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The Secret Map of the happy Guitarist

Manuel Consigli
pubblicato da Manuel Consigli

Prezzo online:

An intuition of mysterious geometry is revealed to a guitar teacher. It's the discovery of a secret map showing guitarists the path to complete artistic achievement.

Moved by a desire to share this extraordinary discovery, the teacher accompanies his pupil along the paths of this map. There are many obstacles to be overcome, but the pupil is impelled to continue his journey through his love of guitar, thus discovering the true geography of his own artistic path.

The secret map reveals itself bit by bit, through deep thought and practical exercises, accompanying the guitarist towards complete development of his musical potential as well as to the centre of his self.

In this short and incisive essay, Manuel Consigli introduces us to Guitar Mindfulness®, an original method for the harmonious development of musical and instrumental skills, removing expressive blocks and allowing aptitudes and talents to emerge, so as to reach the highest possible goal: the guitarist's happiness.


"The "Secret Map of the Happy Guitarist" is an extraordinary opportunity for any guitarist to grow. It offers a unique vision, which combines musical didactics with psychology and deep but simple thought. An original and precious work, indispensable for any guitarist who's on an authentic artistic path."
Francesca Amat

"Enlightening for all guitarists, no matter how experienced, professional, or amateur: this is what this work by Manuel Consigli, guitarist and teacher of great experience and enormous humanity, is. It's a map to find your way along that infinite path of guitar study, removing false obstacles (I haven't got time, I've no talent, I'm not ready yet...) and equally false certainties (you don't need study if you're talented, theory isn't as essential as practice). The starting point is the musician we are, regardless of where we're on our personal journey, the finishing point... is awareness of becoming the musician we can be, at the same time finding ourselves out to be a better man or woman".
Massimo Murianni - journalist

The Author

"...All I knew was: that I would play the guitar. That was the only certainty."
Manuel Consigli

Guitarist, composer, teacher, author and translator, he he's played the guitar since he was 6 years old. He is the creator of Guitar Mindfulness®, an innovative method that is the hallmark of the G.M. Jazz Academy, school founded by him and center for master classes on improvisation and guitar arrangement.

He founded the Cultural Association AbbracciArti, of which he is president.

He is the author of the New Edition of "Studi Didattici per Chitarra Jazz" by Filippo Daccò published by "Edizioni Curci". The text is one of the winners of "20 Greatest Jazz Books 2010", the coveted award assigned by Jazzit (one of Italy's most prestigious Jazz magazines). In Jazzit's review, the text is defined as "One of the best texts for jazz guitar ever published".


Generi Musica » Strumenti musicali e Insiemi strumentali

Editore Manuel Consigli

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/04/2021

Lingua Italiano

EAN-13 9791220297028

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The Secret Map of the happy Guitarist

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